Own a $10,000 portfolio with only $4,000 upfront
fixed monthly repayments
non-recourse loan
low fixed fees
no margin calls
Fundlater how it works
How it works
1. Invest $4,000 or more
Invest $4,000 in one of five portfolios through an InvestSMART Professionally Managed Account (management fees apply)

2. Add a $6,000 top-up
Get a $6,000 non-recourse loan to top up your portfolio

3. Pay it off monthly
With a $320 repayment over 20 months, including a low facility fee of $20
Fundlater investing safely
Investing safely is
our priority
Diversified investments
You are invested in a portfolio of exchange traded funds (ETFs)

Non-recourse loan
Safer than normal loans because your potential loss cannot be more than the money you have invested

Pay off your loan quicker
No penalty or other fees if you pay your loan off early
Fundlater boost investment potential
Boosting your
investment potential
Maximise your investment opportunity
Ability to build wealth more quickly over the long term

Improve your diversification
With more money to start investing, you can spread your risk over more securities

$20 per month facility fee may be tax deductible
Fundlater borrowing can increase risk
Borrowing to invest
can increase your risk
Change in portfolio value
Historically, diversified investment portfolios have increased over the long term, but short term, they can also fall

Can’t make monthly repayments?
Failure to pay your monthly instalment might lead to the sale of your investment portfolio to repay any outstanding loan balance

Markets go up and down
Potential to lose your investment if you stop paying monthly repayments
how it works
how it works
Your privacy and security are our top priority
Our bank-level web security keeps your information safe and secure (for the geeks out there, that’s our 256-bit SSL/TLS certificate).
Your investments are held safely in your own name under your own individual Holder Identification Number (HIN).
We never share your personal information with unrelated third parties or advertisers.
Trusted by thousands of Australians
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An InvestSMART Professionally Managed Account using a Fundlater non-recourse loan is only available for individual and joint accounts.

Key Points:

  • The minimum amount you need to provide is $4,000.

  • The maximum amount InvestSMART will loan is $6,000.


Yes, you can fund with any amount, minimum $4,000, and still be credited $6,000 or less if you desire.

Each investment portfolio requires $10,000 so as long as this total is met, you can alter the amounts.

For example, you can fund with $5,000 and be credited $5,000 or fund with $7,000 and be credited $6,000.

Not at the moment however, we may look to add this feature in the future.

It's important to always communicate with us if you cannot meet an instalment.

If you don't make one of your monthly payments of $320, we will send an email reminder on the 1st, 5th, and 9th days following the missed payment. 

If the payment has not been received 10 days after your monthly payment due date, InvestSMART will sell all securities within your portfolio. 

You will receive back the portfolio value minus the outstanding instalments.

If, for whatever reason, you will not be able to pay your instalment on the payment date, please contact us as soon as possible.

Yes, you can close your InvestSMART PMA at any time.

InvestSMART will sell down your portfolio and deduct any outstanding instalments. Once this is completed, we will return the remaining amount to you.

InvestSMART bears the risk. If the sum of remaining instalments is greater than the portfolio's value, the investor will receive no money but will not owe InvestSMART either.

See How do I close my account?

No, a Fundlater non-recourse loan is not a margin loan. As long as you can continue to make the repayments your account will continue to operate no matter the market movements.