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Bootcamp is designed for people taking their first investment steps or brushing up on skills.
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Online Support
Online Support
InvestSMART Bootcamp
Bootcamp is designed by the experts to help investors make good investment decisions. Sign up to Bootcamp today and get complimentary access to Eureka Report and Intelligent Investor for 1 Month (valued at $110).
Do it online at your own pace over a maximum of 3 months and enjoy the weekly webinars and online support from a passionate team of experts.
Online Modules
1. Investment Planning
Investment Planning Overview
Risk Profile
Live webinar & discussion
Financial Goals
How much to invest?
Time Horizon
The Power of Compound Returns
2. Investment Diversification
Diversification Overview
Different blends of asset classes
Live webinar & discussion
What are asset classes
Alignment with investment time frame
Sequencing risk
Rebalancing Your Portfolio
3. Different Investment Vehicles
Investment Vehicles Overview
Live webinar & discussion
Managed portfolios
Managed Funds
Cash & Bonds
4. Investment Strategies
Investment Strategies Overview
Value Investing
Income Based Strategies
Active vs Passive
Technical Analysis
Market Timing
Core & Satellite
Live webinar & discussion
5. Investor Psychology
Investor Psychology Overview
Biases and their Solutions
What holds you back
Common mistakes
What tempts you to invest
Live webinar & discussion
6. Next Steps
Putting everything into practice
Making the most of your complimentary membership
Finding the right portfolio
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Full access to additional resources and content when you start Bootcamp.
Complimentary Access
Complimentary Access
Enjoy access to Eureka Report & Intelligent Investor for one month* (RRP. $110)
Weekly Webinars
Weekly Webinars
Join live interactive webinars or watch later at a time that suits you.
Weekly Q&A
Weekly Q&A
Access the Weekly Q&A with finance experts such as Alan Kohler
Online Support
Online Support
Don’t go it alone - dedicated team online to help keep you on track.
*Complimentary access to Eureka Report & Intelligent Investor can not be added or extended to current subscriptions.